The Connected Classroom!
by Bill Sheskey
Students ask everyday: When is my project due? Where is that website my teacher shared in class today?
These are basic questions that teachers get from students everyday. Why not have all the answers to these questions in one place? The development and the maintenance of a classroom webpage will provide a place for students to access information that is generated in the classroom from anywhere where they can connect to the Internet. One of the first ways that teachers can direct their students to their classroom webpage is to post calendars, assignments, schedules, projects, and basic classroom information. The students will quickly get into the habit of checking their classroom webpage if the teacher regularly prompts them to go there and get information that has been previously generated in the classroom.
Reaching Out to Parents!
Parents ask everyday: Where is that classroom newsletter that Olivia brought home? When is your project due?
Teachers have always distributed classroom newsletters in paper form for parents. They have been mailed home at the cost of postage and handling, distributed to the students and they go into the abyss of the book bag. The development of a classroom webpage will serve as the electronic newsletter and certainly save on the cost of postage, paper, and handling cost. The classroom webpage is also a platform for parents to access the same information that their children have access to in the classroom. Up-to-date and relevant information posted on the webpage allows for greater communication between the student and their parents about the learning that is taking place at school.

In CMS we use wikispaces as the platform where teachers can build a classroom webpage. The CMS Technology Services provides training everyday to teachers on how to build their classroom webpages in wikispaces. Click on the links below to visit exemplary teacher web pages in CMS.