Is “Bring Your Own Technology” working in CMS?

by Bill Sheskey

What is your favorite mobile learning device? Are we really in the post desktop computer era? Do mobile devices really help our students achieve success in the classroom? Think about how mobile devices have affected the landscape of our classrooms. As educators and learners we are in the midst of a fascinating time of change in how we teach and learn because our students are globally connected and they can learn anything that they want to learn.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to listen to Troy Moore, the principal at Hawk Ridge Elementary, and Cindy Pusinak, a fifth grade teacher at Hawk Ridge share their Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) success story with the School Improvement Team at the Beverly Woods Elementary. Cindy, a veteran teacher, eloquently spoke of how the BYOT initiative has changed her teaching methods and that students are more engaged than at any another time in her teaching career. Troy spoke with pride on how the students at Hawks Ridge Elementary have been respectful and responsible in their adaptation to having numerous mobile devices in their classrooms.

The Technology Services team is working with all the schools in CMS to infuse their school web pages with rich and relevant resources for learning with technology. You can visit the Hawks Ridge Elementary School web page and witness first hand the exciting learning applications that are being used in their classrooms everyday. Troy encourages the Hawks Ridge faculty to share resources and learning applications that support the BYOT learning experience. The school web site is a portal for the parents and everyone in the community who supports the success of the students at Hawk Ridge. Click on the links below and visit this outstanding school web page and encourage your school leaders and teachers to build one for their school.