Information Systems & Support Department

By Cindee Matson

The Information Systems & Support (IS&S) Department is one of five departments in the Technology Services Division. We are responsible for a variety of different services for the district.

We are responsible for the design and implementation of infrastructure outside of the data center that resides inside our buildings. This includes network electronics, wireless, cable, and closed circuit television. In July 2011, only 62 of our 159 schools had some wireless. Our first goal was that by opening of Schools 2012, all schools have some wireless connectivity. After this goal was achieved, the next goal was that all schools have good coverage by opening of Schools 2013. Good coverage is defined as having access for 30 devices in each of our building classrooms. Currently 45/159 schools have good coverage. We are on track and hope to have this very aggressive project completed on time.

We are also responsible for video, voice, compliance and the procurement of hardware. There has been a big initiative to change our digital telephone systems to VoIP. This is a cost savings to the district since the VoIP handsets will run across the data network. A separate phone bill is no longer needed nor is a separate telephone drop.

IS&S has worked hard to increase the standards of computers in classrooms and instructional labs. Previously each school only had one instructional lab. This standard was changed so that middle schools have two instructional labs and high schools have three. The standard of classroom computers has been increased from one computer in secondary classrooms and two in elementary classrooms to three in every classroom.

After contact is made to the Help Desk that reports to the Data Center Operations Department, tickets are put in queue for the Engineers that report to IS&S. They are the faces you see at your school sites that address school-based issues.

Many other initiatives have been presented to Executive Staff for future implementation for our school sites. As these become reality we will keep you updated.

Information Systems & Support

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