Dr.Truesdale.pngSo many choices! So little time!

Do you ever feel you are overwhelmed with choices? Choices in fast food, choices in entertainment, choices in media abound. Individualization and customization are norms. In the technology world, the pace of change seems at lightning speed. With new apps coming out every day and new technology platforms being introduced, we as individuals can be overwhelmed with all the choices. As educators, we are ethically obligated to preview instructional materials before sharing with students. With all the possible branches that a website can lead, how can we know if a site or app is appropriate? Wouldn't it be grand if digital instructional materials came with something like a "Good Housekeeping" seal of quality? (If you don't know that phrase, you are likely young: Google it!)

Our instructional services team has developed a rubric that may help navigate through a review of an app, website or other digital tool. Before you add new instructional resources to your tool belt, consider the evaluation instrument below. I found it a wonderful guide. We hope you do, too.

App Evaluation Rubric

Let us know how we can support you as you work with our youth to transform classrooms into technology-infused learning laboratories.


Valerie Truesdale