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A PowerSchool Message from Jay Parker

CMS Director of Student Applications and Web Development

To provide our CMS staff with the most up to date information concerning the PowerSchool conversion, we wanted to highlight some areas of this application. PowerSchool will consist of four basic modules, the Student Information Portal, Parent Assistant Portal, Teacher GradeBook Portal, and PowerSource Professional Development Portal. Each of these is reviewed in more detail below along with some updated data elements with program areas in CMS.

Major Components of Pearson PowerSchool for CMS
PowerSchool Student Information Module: PowerSchool is a secure Web-based Student Information System (SIS) that provides real-time information to school administrators, teachers, parents and students.
PowerTeacher Module: A place for teachers and administrators to collaborate, cooperate and share. PowerTeacher is the gradebook component of PowerSchool, which tracks grades, attendance, demographics, incidents, transcripts, graduation requirements, schedules and other key factors of CMS students.
Parent Portal Module: This is a secure web-based student management system designed to strengthen communication between the school and home on a daily basis. This gives parents and legal guardians access to their child's attendance records and academic progress, thus allowing a partnership of transparent information on a daily basis
PowerSource Module: PowerSource is a community-focused customer support portal for all Pearson School Systems products. PowerSource is available to all district and school staff, including teachers, administrators and IT staff.
  • Expansive Knowledgebase: Quickly search through over 33,600 articles and documents
  • Forums: Connect and collaborate with more than 212,600 members in over 10,700 discussion threads, courses, interests
  • Professional Development: Immersive and comprehensive web-based distance learning courses
  • Mastery in Minutes: A growing list of more than 150 interactive tutorials
  • Monitor Tickets: Track the progress of support cases in real time
  • Account Management: Control access for all staff in the district
  • Labs: learn about new and future technology

Feature functionality: Ability to upload testsfrom compatible third party vendors, data feeds and customized records for Pearson Partners such as PCG (EC vendor), report card design, transcript format, and progress report requirements. Athletic Eligibility, local LEA graduation requirements and ESL functionality are being discussed over the new month.
NOT Included with PowerSchool by July 2013: 504 student details, McKinney Vento (homeless) details, EC details such as start and stop service times, ESL multiple languages, and the ability to customize screens for CMS needs. We will place specialized students in a category group for tracking but not have same level of information as we currently have, until we customize.
Active students will only be loaded in July 2013. As a result, Power School will not encompass inactive files for past graduates, dropouts/withdrawals. Previous student files will need to be accessed with NC Wise which will be available offline for CMS use. Inactive students will be loaded in Power School in late fall or winter.